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First Time Sex with Virgin Female



First time sex with a virgin female partner.


It is vital that a man and woman's first sexual experience together be a positive one. 


Women often experience some discomfort at first, which may last for a week or so. A common way for a woman to reduce this initial discomfort is by stretching the opening to the vagina by digitally (using two fingers) exercising/massaging the area with a "scissors-like" motion. She could do this exercise as she showers daily. 


If she has used tampons, the insertion of her fingers into the vagina is done in the same manner. Although a bit awkward in positioning, this technique of stretching the vaginal opening prior to sexual intercourse will decrease potential discomforts associated with penetration.


To maximize comfort for the woman, use a lubricant. Many brands are available at your local pharmacy. Condoms are often pre-lubricated but additional lubrication may be necessary. Please remember that oil or petroleum based lubricants are not compatible with latex condoms. 


Special sex enhancement lubricants such as Astroglide and Euros Bodyglide are very useful for this.


The best way to make your first sexual experience together a positive one is have open communication.  Talk about expectations, concerns, etc. prior to being together, when you are together, and afterwards.




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