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Female Vibrator Masturbation
for Orgasm Difficulty



Female orgasm problems --

My girlfriend never has an orgasm. We have tried everything. Please help.


Some women who have difficulties achieving an orgasm need to teach themselves how to do it first, and then teach their partners how to stimulate them to reach orgasm. I suggest she learns how to masturbate and climax from masturbation.


Sometimes questions arise about female masturbation such as “My boyfriend says it is ok for him to masturbate, but is it ok for a woman to masturbate?” The answer is that masturbation is ok for either sex. 


The only way masturbation can cause you any harm is if a person overdoes it. If a person, of either sex, spends so much time masturbating that they do not have a life, then they should cut back. 


Going back to the orgasm question, let me say that while more men masturbate than women, masturbation can be more important for women.


There are many women whose clitoris-vagina systems do not know how to have an orgasm. The best way to train the female sex organs to climax from stimulation is to masturbate. Then, she should take what she has learnt and show her partner exactly what stimulation takes her to orgasm.


Many research studies over the last several decades have found that the most effective way of training the clitoris and vagina areas to respond to sexual stimulation to the point of climax is masturbation or stimulation with a vibrator. Truly remarkable results are achieved by the use of vibrators for female masturbation and sexual stimulation.

In January 1966, Mary Jane Sherfey, M.D., a traditionally trained psychoanalyst reported, in an article in the Journal of The American Psychoanalytic Association and later in her book The Nature and Evolution of Female Sexuality that :


" In clinical practice, a number of married and single women using  electric vibrators have come to my attention. From the standpoint of normal physiological functioning, these women exhibit a healthy, uninhibited sexuality ...... and the number of orgasms attained, a measure of the human female’s orgasmic potentiality".


The very influential work of the renowned sex therapist and educator, Helen Singer Kaplan, M.D., Ph.D., also suggested the use of vibrators in the treatment of non-orgasmic females.


In her book, The New Sex Therapy : Active Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction, Dr. Kaplan notes several ways in which vibrators may be used as an aid in the treatment of orgasmic dysfunction. 


For one, she suggests a variant of combined penile insertion and vibrator assisted clitoral stimulation because :

 "Some women who are highly resistant to coital orgasm are able to climax when they are stimulated with a vibrator during coitus." (p.407) 


She also suggests that for those women who have never had an orgasm (primary absolute orgasmic dysfunction), should  manual masturbation not be sufficient to reach orgasm, then a vibrator is indicated.

 "The vibrator provides the strongest, most intense stimulation known." (p. 388)

For women who are not yet orgasmic, vibrator masturbation can effectively help you to overcome your difficulties and to achieve the pleasures and satisfaction of orgasm through sexual intercourse. For women who are already orgasmic, vibrators can take you to new and greater heights of orgasm intensity. 


A woman who has been unable to orgasm in the past will very quickly be able to orgasm through masturbation with a vibrator. Once you start reaching orgasms in this way, ask your partner to try stimulating your clitoris-vagina area with his fingers or, even better, with his tongue. He can help you along by alternating his manual or oral stimulation with the vibrator


You must relax and let the feelings of sexual pleasure overcome you, without any shyness or embarrassment. Guide your partner and show him what kind of stimulation, and exactly where, feels best for you. Soon, you will experience orgasm through sexual stimulation by your partner and, from there, orgasm through sexual intercourse will easily follow. 


Also, using a vibrator to stimulate the clitoris during penis-vagina intercourse, will raise the female sex response to an extremely high level, leading to intense and highly satisfying orgasms.


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For women starting with a vibrator for the first time, we recommend the Hitachi Magic Wand, which has set the standard for personal hand-held massagers for over 30 years. However, the actual selection is finally a matter of personal choice. 


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Many women today choose to keep more than one type of vibrator, for use in different situations....see  female masturbation vibrators



Dr. Ruth Westheimer, the noted sex therapist, recommends a new type of vibrator - the Eroscillatoreroscillator - as being highly effective for female stimulation.


Read Dr. Ruth's views. This device has also been recommended by university studies on Psycho-Sensory Comparative Testing of Three Different Types of the reports




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