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Age-Related Sexual Problems



I am a 66 yr. old male. I have lost interest/desire for sexual activity in the last year and a half. I am not taking any more or different medical drugs than I have for years. I have no emotional problems, stress or otherwise, and I am relatively healthy. I would like something that can give me regular/normal sexual desire/appetite on a long-term basis. Is there anything proven and safe to restore my sex drive?


There is a product that you may find useful for your needs. This is HGH, or Human Growth Hormone. HGH basically attempts to reverse and retard some of the effects of the normal ageing process and thereby to restore  sexual function, looks, health, brain and heart functions, energy, and physical abilities to the levels of a normal young adult. In recent clinical trials, 75% of users of HGH have reported significant improvements in sexual function, sexual potency & frequency, among several other age-related factors. To learn more about HGH and it's effects on older persons, click the link below:

Natural HGH formulation


Is there a cut-off date when senior women decide to give up sex? I'm a mid-70s male and I still have a strong sexual desire. My female companion tells me to "give it up."  Am I abnormal? 


I assure you that you certainly are not abnormal. You are a healthy man with strong sexual desire - good for you. You have to tell your companion that very many widows in their 70s would be very happy to have a good sexual partner. I know of women who are sexually active into their 80s, so you have to say to your companion that you're not going to give it up. You should try to find out if there is something that troubles her during sexual intercourse.  


Maybe it is something simple such as the fact that she doesn't lubricate enough. After menopause the walls of the vagina get thinner and there is less lubrication and intercourse can be painful. The use of a lubricant will eliminate that problem. Please see suggestions for post-menopausal sex


Maybe she does not know that for men and women the actual orgasmic response may be a little weaker than before. Maybe less intense orgasms give her the erroneous message to give it up. First try to have a talk. Then try to give her some books about sexuality and older adults. If neither of these approaches work, then make sure that the two of you see a sex therapist in order to keep this relationship alive.


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