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Sexual Satisfaction for the Female Partner




How to last longer and satisfy the female partner in sexual intercourse


This is really a two-part question.


For the first part, there are various solutions for lasting longer during sexual intercourse. Read our suggestions for controlling premature ejaculation , and choose one or more of the options that you feel will be best for you. A note of caution: if you decide to use a penis de-sensitizing product, be sure to wipe off all traces of it from your penis before your penis touches your partner's clitoris or vagina - otherwise, you will de-sensitize her and defeat the very purpose that you are aiming for!


However, the issue of satisfying the female partner may or may not have to do with lasting longer. A man may be able to satisfy a woman without sexual intercourse at all! He needs to find out what exactly her complaint is.

Does she want more and varied foreplay? Does she want oral sex? Do you pay attention to her requests during intercourse? Try to be sensitive to her sexual needs and preferences. Perhaps you could try bringing her to orgasm through oral or manual stimulation before even engaging in intercourse.


I would suggest that every man have an open discussion with his partner about what she feels is missing from the entire sexual experience, not just intercourse. Both should be willing to experiment a little to make sure that both are satisfied with their sex lives.


To improve mutual sexual satisfaction for both partners, there are several sexual enhancement products that are known to be effective. Some will help slow the male down so that he can last longer before ejaculation - see the first paragraph above. At the same time, there are safe and natural female sexual enhancement products that intensify women's response to sexual stimulation and bring on faster female orgasms.


In case the female partner has a history of being non-orgasmic, we advise masturbation techniques to teach her clitoris-vagina system to respond with pleasure to stimulation and overcome this barrier. A combination of the man  slowing down and the woman speeding up can lead to total mutual satisfaction in sex acts. 


However, one must never forget that females need a gradual build up of sexual excitement through foreplay, oral sex, and other stimulation techniques, before one progresses to actual intercourse. Even during intercourse, both of you need to use methods and techniques which stimulate her sexual response points.


Both partners must understand that stimulation and orgasm for the female is a far more complex affair than adequate stimulation and orgasm for the male.


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