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I'm a 24 year old woman who used to really enjoy sex from 16-18. Since then, I have not really been interested. And when I do have sex I have a hard time enjoying it and getting any pleasure out of it.


No matter what I've tried, from aromatherapy to foreplay, I can not get into it. Why?


Have I lost my hormones? Are there any female sex stimulants that can help?


Don't worry--you haven't lost your hormones. Actually, a decrease in hormone levels that normally enhance sexual desire will not occur for you for MANY years (after you're 45 most likely).


Let me suggest some other reasons why you may feel less than satisfied with your sex life.......


If any one area of your physical or emotional life is out of whack -- be it diet, exercise, sleep, emotional stability or whatever -- you can feel the consequences in other areas of your life, including your sex drive.  The healthier you are - physically, emotionally and psychologically - the better you can expect your sex life to be.


Very importantly, sexual intimacy ideally involves a partner with whom there is trust and respect.  You should enjoy being with this person, and there is real commitment.  You can count on disappointment if there is no connection other than sex.  If your lovemaking is with someone you really want to be with and you care about, fulfillment and pleasure will follow.


So ask yourself these questions:


  1. Is the rest of my life in order? (work completed, phone calls made, kids cared for?)
  2. Am I taking care of myself? (sleeping enough, good diet, plenty of exercise?)
  3. Is the environment conducive to intimacy? (comfortable surroundings, privacy?)
  4. Is my partner a person I really want to be with? (how do I really feel being with this person?)


Together with these emotional, psychological and physical issues, you can effectively boost the physiological response to stimulation, from your clitoris and vagina, with Vigorelle female sexual  enhancement cream.


Provestra for Women is a new sexual supplement that enhances female libido and/or restores female sex drive, heightens sexual excitement during foreplay, increases blood flow and engorgement of the clitoris, to intensify sexual sensations and enhance female orgasm.


It has been established that female sexual response is heightened when blood flows into the genital tissues, particularly the clitoris and vaginal areas. This blood flow is under the control of nitric oxide which turns on an enzyme that relaxes the muscles of the blood vessels, allowing increased blood flow into the genitals. 


L-Arginine is a stimulant used by the human body to produce nitric oxide. New female sex stimulants have been developed using L-Arginine, which work with a woman's body, stimulating blood flow to the clitoris and vagina. This creates powerful sensations during sex. Using these sex stimulants, orgasm occurs more easily, quickly and naturally with much greater intensity than before, without any adverse side effects. 


Based on this research, Vigorelle is an extremely effective and proven female sex stimulant.


Vigorelle has been described as a Viagra cream for women. 


Advanced Botanicals has implemented revolutionary technology in L-Arginine HCL. This carrier has been incorporated in the Vigorelle formula, and is responsible for fast, effective absorption of the key herbal ingredients into the female lymphatic system. 


They have added powerful antioxidants such as Vitamin A and C for optimum health and nutrition and truly created a highly effective, all natural, female sexual stimulant, free of complications. 


These essential active ingredients are compounded into a smooth topical cream packaged in a vacuum sealed pump dispenser by an FDA approved facility operating under GMP (good manufacturing practices).


For more information about this type of sexual stimulant for women, click below.......

female sexual enhancement cream FAQs


Vigorelle female sex stimulant cream makes a woman

  •  More sensitive to sexual stimulation

  • Reach orgasm easier and faster  

  • Regularly climax through intercourse

  • Attain extraordinarily intense and / or multiple orgasms 

  • Experience increased sexual desire

  • A more active, eager and excited participant in sex.

Vigorelle for Women is safe, natural, requires no prescription for use, and has no chemical additives such as propylene glycol or metha paraban substances. 


To enhance the sexual response from your clitoris-vagina system, try masturbating with a vibrating sex toy after applying Vigorelle stimulant cream to your clitoris. The combined effect will surely re-awaken your sexual responses and take you to orgasm.



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